Why have I been asked to supply previous documentation? Print E-mail

Your valuer will usually ask you to supply any previous appraisals, receipts, certificates or other documentation.

The reason for this is simple. There may well be information contained within these documents that they cannot normally be expected to know. For instance, it may well be that a sales receipt may state the un-mounted weight of a gemstone. The appraiser can calculate what they would expect a gemstone or diamond of certain proportions and dimensions to weigh, but it is always better if they have a reliable un-mounted weight to work from.

Perhaps the piece has some provenance that affects its value, its very often additional documentation that provides the evidence that this provenance exists.

Sometimes, your valuer simply cannot agree with previous assessments, in which case, it is better that they are aware of a potential problem and discuss these differences of opinion with you before your documentation is prepared for you.

Deliberately withholding relevant documentation that may affect the outcome of the appraisal and valuation may mean that you receive a less than complete report and in some cases will cause you new report to become invalid. Your Certified Appraiser will be open and honest with you, it is important that you show them the same virtues.