Why should I have my jewellery valued for insurance purposes? Print E-mail

An insurance valuation and appraisal of your diamonds, jewellery, watches and gemstones is so much more than a listing of their values. It provides you with peace of mind that in the event of a loss, the detailed description of the missing item will allow a fitting replacement to be supplied.

The schedule provides indication of ownership. This is useful when a claim is made against any unspecified items on your policy and ensures that you will not be charged Duty and VAT on pieces that you already owned prior to leaving the UK on holiday.

With the detailed description and images, it helps the Police to trace your items should you suffer loss or burglary. If they are located, you can easily prove that you are the rightful owner. Did you realise that if you cannot prove that the items belong to you, they could, in some cases, be returned to the suspected burglar?