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g) Ensure that any value ascribed to an item is at the most appropriate Market Level.
Valuation for Insurance Replacement Market Levels are: - New Replacement Value, New Replacement Value at Internet or Shopping Channel Level, Second-hand Replacement Value, Facsimile Replacement Value.

g) Ensure that all clients’ possessions are stored in a secure manner and protected by high quality insurance.

h) Take all reasonable steps to protect client’s personal details and ensure that systems and procedures that are used meet or exceed the requirements in the UK Data Protection Act 1998.

i) Ensure that Professional Indemnity Insurance protects them and their business. The level of cover will meet or exceed that stated as the minimum level by the AJA.

j) Agree to submit examples of their work for scrutiny by the Officers of the Association to ensure that standard are being maintained.

k) Make use of the guidelines concerning gemstone nomenclature as recommended by the international governing body CIBJO (Confederation Internationale de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Orfevrerie, des Diamants, Perles et Pierres).

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