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The Code of Ethical Conduct for the Association of Jewellery Appraisers is the strictest in its field. Certified Appraisers are monitored and our Code is robustly enforced.

The purpose of the Associations Code of Ethics:
To provide Appraisers with a strict course of approach to all valuation assignments to ensure that the end user receives the highest possible standard of report, without bias or ambiguity. The code gives assurance to the client that they will be treated in a professional, discrete, honest and ethical manner with due attention paid to their requirements, security and privacy.
This Code of Ethics is founded upon the pursuit of:
· Professional honesty, transparency and integrity
· Diligence
· The continuous improvement of knowledge and practical skills

Acceptance of membership to the Association of Jewellery Appraisers demonstrates an Appraiser’s willingness to comply with the Code of Ethics and behave in a professional manner. Members voluntarily agree to be bound by this Code of Ethics as a means of encouraging the highest standards of business conduct.

The Association of Appraisers reserves the right to demand satisfactory evidence of compliance with the Code of Ethics at any time.

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